12 june 10 – go study japanese since not alot of people from USA do it.

toni decided to move out, but had second thoughts when i responded in a supportive manner. 


i am fortunate to have done soka group today, i must have chanted at least 8 hours on shift. the mystic law is truly wonderful, even if i only get to be together with her for one more day, i will be blessed. since she decided to go to RTE practice with me in the morning, it appears i will have another day. 


our relationship truly has transformed. our relationships with the opposite sex. I hope we can stay together through this transition. however, i am still going to be cautious as to whether she will stay. more daimoku is needed. rock the eta equals more practice. 

shure and naomi byakuren

valen (had me sign in to meeting, told me he is new member, must vigorously chant for his happiness) MD-bruce lives near TAHOE. talked about the connection between jakaranda’s and hippy culture and how people named lucy in the sky with diamonds also enjoy the wonderful form and appearance of the JAKARANDA FLORA. 

jamie byakuren… she pulled out 2 byakuren from F parking lot, told me to tell jack. 



Lenny from friendship center (met him originally when I bought LOVE book for Laser Rocker Chef)

Stan, Earl, Hiromi, Dovard – MD doing security. 


Raymond the drummer chant for HAPPINESS

HITOSHI, he wore the earth tone jacket. 

PETE, JUNMO, KEVIN< NOBU (just moved from japan 7 months ago, told me to go study japanese since not alot of people from USA do it. 


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