ponder deeply within the mind to discover the names of each person who has been able to encourage me in faith in relation to my Buddhist practice. This pondering session will generate a list of people who intentionally or unintentionally were aids to the Buddhaway. My sense of gratitude and appreciation must be conveyed to these wonderful Buddhas carrying out the mission charged of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth?

Why is this endeavor important? To awaken in senior leaders the ability to develop the faith and courage and wisdom to actually bond and fuse with their juniors so as to instill the Gakkai spirit.

My job never was to propagate Buddhism, but I will never stop. But I now realize my job is to help the members actualize their own practice, so I replace self for other and devote my entire being to the Lotus Sutra through the practical aproach to this endeavor by activating and connecting and expanding the Diamond Valley Buddha so that DIAMOND VALLEY BUDDHA will reveal its true identity as the AMALA CONSCIOUSNESS of the BODY OF THE SOKA GAKKAI INTERNATIONAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BUDDHA.


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