It has been the…

It has been the tradition of those learned in the law and
licensed to practice law in this state to provide voluntary pro bono
legal services to those who cannot afford the help of a lawyer. Every
lawyer authorized and privileged to practice law in California is
expected to make a contribution. In some circumstances, it may not be
feasible for a lawyer to directly provide pro bono services. In
those circumstances, a lawyer may instead fulfill his or her
individual pro bono ethical commitment, in part, by providing
financial support to organizations providing free legal services to
persons of limited means. In deciding to provide that financial
support, the lawyer should, at minimum, approximate the value of the
hours of pro bono legal service that he or she would otherwise have
provided. In some circumstances, pro bono contributions may be
measured collectively, as by a firm’s aggregate pro bono activities
or financial contributions. Lawyers also make invaluable
contributions through their other voluntary public service activities
that increase access to justice or improve the law and the legal
system. In view of their expertise in areas that critically affect
the lives and well-being of members of the public, lawyers are
uniquely situated to provide invaluable assistance in order to
benefit those who might otherwise be unable to assert or protect
their interests, and to support those legal organizations that
advance these goals.



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May 7, 2013 · 7:05 am

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